What is Busan MICE Tour Card?
Busan MICE Tour Card is a special discount card for visitors to Busan's exhibitions and events made by Busan Tourism Corporation and Busan City Pass.
This Busan MICE Tour Card (Cashbee) is charged with KRW 3,000 and can be used in public transportation (Bus, Taxi, Subway) and its member stores.

Show your Busan MICE Tour Card at the following affiliates stores and get a special coupon.
Exclusive Benefits of Busan MICE Tour Card
Payable Affiliate
Payment is available at the following affiliate stores.
Recharge / Refund Policy
You can freely charge and refund at convenience stores nationwide
TYou will receive a refund for the remaining value when BUSAN MICE Tour Card (Cashbee) is returned.
Usage Guide
KONA Card Usage Guide
KONA CARD is a prepaid card that can be used like cash at a nationwide IC payment merchant. However, some franchisees may restrict their use.
After registering in the Kona Card app, you can view balance, transaction history and recharge.
KONA CARD cannot be exchanged cash and can be refunded at the Kona Card app or the Customer Service Center.
We are not responsible for loss or damage to your card due to your negligence.
CASHBEE Usage Guide
CASHBEE is a most popular transportation card that allows you to use public transportation such as buses, subways, and taxis from all over the Republic of Korea, and to transfer to other public transportation. You can freely charge and refund at convenience stores nationwide. You can also pay at designated stores.
Need more information?
Customer Service Center: 051-923-9000
Enjoy with Busan MICE Tour Card!
Enjoy attractions, tours, experiences, performances, shopping, beauty, restaurants, and more with a maximum 50% discount.
Food (31 stores)
Experience·Tour·Performances (23 stores)
Shopping·Beauty(9 stores)
Hotel·Etc (3 stores)
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